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Trained in Core Shamanism by the Foundation of Shamanic Studies allows

Dr.  Jill to treat patients at a higher dimensional level of care.

Core Shamanism takes the core principles of shamans from around the world, without their local sacred customs and religious rituals and beliefs.

As a shaman, through drumming techniques, Dr Jill journeys for the patient and works with compassionate, loving, kind spirit teachers to bring healing to the patient.

Sessions might include :

-the extraction of intrusive spirits which may cause mischief, disease or blockage of your life path. 

- soul retrieval, which is retrieving a part of your spirit that has been lost. This can sometimes occur due to a bad relationship, a trauma or possibly an abusive childhood.

-psychopomp is when the shaman acts as a guide for souls to help them cross over into the afterlife.

All Healing Is Done In The Name Of Christ.

It is the shaman’s duty to take care of the Earth and all its creatures